The OSRS Family

We view ourselves as an incubator where we foster great ideas and help to build companies that realize those ideas.
We empower people and companies by building communities to foster collaboration, and to give back to the community.

Consulting Services

The OSRS Family includes multiple companies that provide management, technology, cloud, scientific and engineering consulting and staff augmentation services.

OSRS Group OSRS Systems

Cloud Services and SaaS

Our family has cloud in its DNA, several of our companies specialize in cloud services and offer specific SaaS IPs.

S3curely OSRS Systems

Open Source and Communities

We believe in community, collaboration and openess, which is why we sponsor 2 organizations specifically intended to give back to the community.

OSRS Network OSRS Open

Our Companies

OSRS is building better technology to help build stronger communities. Join us, hire us, invest in us.

OSRS Group

OSRS Group is a collaborative research and development consultancy, with the primary goal of researching, developing and providing advanced computing capabilities.

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OSRS Systems

OSRS Systems is a full service SaaS, cloud hosting and cloud integrator specializing in AWS, Azure, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions.

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S3curely is a SaaS company focused on security and privacy. For enterprise, for the individual, for government. No compromises, just build it s3curely.

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